June 8, 2021

When her husband’s body was found in Palm Springs, California, in September 2015, Amber Rose had no idea what had happened.

She was the first woman to be killed in the line of duty in the country’s history.

Rose was a native of South Florida and was the wife of actor Ryan Paul Rose.

She had been dating the actor since 2013, when they met on the set of ‘The Last Airbender.’

Her death is the fourth of its kind in the United States.

But Rose, who had two children with Paul, was a dedicated and loving wife who loved her husband and the children they had together, according to her son Jason.

Jason said he spoke with Amber’s mother, Barbara, who called him to tell him that Amber had died and her husband had been killed.

She told Jason that Amber was a wonderful person and she had been so excited about the reunion, he said.

“I think that Amber’s life was just a beautiful story to tell,” Jason Rose said.

“She was such a great wife, and she was a great mom, and I think her husband was just one of those incredible people who could bring people together.”

Barbara Rose said she did not know what to think about the news and did not want to hear it.

She did not get into specifics about what happened on the night Amber Rose died.

She only spoke about how Amber was loved and cared for.

“It’s sad that there’s a loss like this,” she said.

Jason Rose said he did not have much contact with Amber Rose prior to their meeting on the show.

He said Amber Rose was a very open and outgoing person, who was always asking questions.

“She was always curious,” Jason said.

After their reunion, Amber was not at all upset with her husband.

She just wanted to see her two children again, Jason said, adding that he does not know why Amber left him.

Paul Rose died in January of last year at the age of 67.

A family friend confirmed to Fox News that Amber Rose’s husband was not the father of the children she had with Paul.

Jason added that Amber loved to play cards and go to the beach with her friends.

He also said Amber loved traveling to other states and seeing other people’s family.

Jason also said that Amber, who lived in the same house in Palm Desert with her parents, always talked about her future plans and was very involved in her career.

Jason and Amber had been together for a decade before Amber’s death.

Jason said Amber was an incredible mom and she cared for her family.

“We were such great parents,” he said, “and we were such amazing friends.

We loved each other so much.”

Jason and his family are still mourning the loss of Amber Rose.

They are trying to get to the bottom of what happened.

“There are so many unanswered questions and we’re still trying to find answers,” Jason told Fox News.

“We’re just trying to be strong and continue to go through this.”ABC News’ Julie Pace contributed to this report.

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