June 13, 2021

An epic and emotional new film by Israeli filmmaker Yair Bar-On tells the story of Israeli soldier Gadi Ben-Molhi who was wounded by a bullet from an IED while fighting with Hamas militants during Operation Protective Edge.

Ben-Moli was injured by an improvised explosive device during an intense Palestinian rocket attack on the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian group Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack on Tuesday, saying the Israeli soldier had fired his weapon during a battle with a group of men who were throwing stones.

Bar-ON’s film, entitled “The End of the Line,” tells the tragic story of the soldier’s journey back to Israel and his recovery.

Ben Moli, who was injured during Operation Defensive Shield, has returned to Israel after being shot during an attack in Gaza.

The film is set in the late 1960s, during the height of the Israel-Egypt-Syria peace process and marks Bar-on’s first collaboration with Israel.

The director said he was inspired to make the film after meeting Ben-Meshi and his wife in the hospital following a rocket attack.

Bar-On said he wanted to tell the story about Ben-Matizi and Ben-Shimon, who Ben- Meshi is believed to have killed.

The Israeli military has never publicly identified the Israeli soldiers involved in the killing.

The Israeli army is also not yet commenting on the claim.

The attack was not the first time that Hamas fired rockets at Israeli towns and cities during the Gaza war.

The group has previously claimed responsibility, as well as attacks against Israeli military bases in Gaza and the Jewish settlements on the border with the Palestinian territories.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has claimed responsibility of most of the rocket attacks, and the Israeli military says Hamas was responsible for most of other attacks.

The United States and several other countries have condemned the attacks, as has Israel.


On said in a statement that he had wanted to “set a very realistic, real story that tells the real story of how the lives of the soldiers in the Israeli army changed over the years,” adding that he “was inspired by a soldier who was in my hospital room and I knew I wanted to capture that feeling.”

He added that he wanted the story to resonate with viewers.


On is known for his work with the Israeli film and television industry, including his work on “Misha,” “The Great Escape” and “The Last Days.”

He was previously best known for directing “Tolstoy’s Daughter,” which won an Academy Award for best documentary in 2011.

He recently wrapped filming on a drama titled “The Iron Lady,” which tells the life of Queen Victoria.

He also recently completed the production of “Lion,” a drama starring Michael Caine and starring Elizabeth Olsen.

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