July 17, 2021

Hollywood is once again paying $2,000 a pop to rent a movie starring the lesbian writer Emily St. John Mandel, who was in the same room as Harvey Weinstein, a co-founder of the Weinstein Company, when he sexually harassed and assaulted her.

The new movie, “Love Is the Answer,” which is set to open in October, is titled “Beth” and stars Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence as a gay couple who have to deal with a troubled and abusive boyfriend.

The film is also directed by Jennifer Lopez, who wrote the screenplay.

The Weinstein Company and its sister company, the Weinstein Co., did not respond to a request for comment.

A statement from the Weinstein Companies did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Variety.

The Hollywood Reporter first reported on the film in January.

The movie is about a writer (Aniston) and a writer-director (Lopez) who fall in love with a gay writer (St. John) in the 1980s.

The author’s husband (Lawrence) also falls in love, but in the process finds himself in a lesbian relationship with the writer-producer (Annette Bening), who he is not attracted to.

The two fall in the midst of a crisis of faith, but are also in love as they have always been.

“The Weinstein Company was very supportive of the film and it’s a very powerful message that this is not something that’s just going to disappear,” said Aniston, whose Oscar-winning performance as an old-school woman on “Gossip Girl” won her the best actress Oscar in 2008.

The Weinstein Co. released a statement about the movie on Monday. “

It’s just really important for us to celebrate our lives, and this is another way we can celebrate that, and hopefully that can help us be a better community.”

The Weinstein Co. released a statement about the movie on Monday.

“We have made an investment in the story and the film to help raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse in the workplace,” the statement said.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the St. Johns family.”

St. Jane Mandel (pictured) starred in “The Big Bang Theory” and “Glee” and is also the co-creator of “Bathroom,” a gay comedy about a man who wants to be straight.

She is married to screenwriter Jason Blum and their two children.

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