July 20, 2021

Movie fans have a great time at the movies every year, and while most superhero movies are good, there are some that stand out.

From The Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy to Thor, the best movies are never the same.

Here’s our list of the best films in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

The Avengers: The Avengers (2013) (2.1)Power Rangers: Power Rangers (2009) (3.3)Guardians of the Earth (2012) (1.9)Guardian of the Planet of the Apes (2002) (4.5)The Incredible Hulk (1968) (5.5), Avengers (2011) (6.1), Thor (2009), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2015) (7.3), Guardians of Earth (2013), Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) (8.3)”The Avengers” was a critical and commercial success and its sequel “The Avengers 2” was more of the same, but there are still some solid superhero movies on the horizon.

We’ll start with “Power Rangers” and then move on to the Avengers.

“The Incredible Marvelous” series has been the top-selling series of the superhero genre, with each film selling millions of units.

“Power Rangers” follows up on “The Amazing Spider-Verse” and “The Powerpuff Girls.”

“Guardians” is a fun adventure that features two teenage heroes in an underground lab fighting to protect the world from evil.

Both films are worth seeing, but “The Mighty Thor” is definitely the better movie.

“Superman” movies are great, but you can always find a sequel or a reboot somewhere.

Guardians opens on June 17, 2019, in theaters.

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