August 1, 2021

X-rating films are now available in Canada.

The film industry is a large and diverse industry, and in recent years the number of X-ratings on films has grown dramatically.

The National Film Board of Canada says it has been tracking these films for more than a decade and the number is on the rise.

“The industry is rapidly becoming a more inclusive industry, which we hope will continue,” said NFB spokesperson Chris Tann.

The X-list films available in this country are usually a genre of movies that includes erotic and non-romantic depictions of sex.

The industry can be a confusing place, Tann said, with many studios saying they will never include X-tra materials in their films.

“There are no rules on this one,” he said.

“Some companies will have no restrictions whatsoever.”

The NFB has not been able to determine which films contain X-rates, but says it will review its data soon.

A spokeswoman for Toronto-based company Vivid Entertainment says it doesn’t use the X- rating system and that the company has no plans to change.

“We think we’re perfectly fine with it,” said Vivid spokeswoman Jennifer Schmitt.

“We’re not going to be changing our rating system.”

In Toronto, the X rating system isn’t available on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The NFA says it is “committed to the principles of inclusion, fairness and equality” for everyone.

It says that while it has to take into account a variety of factors when rating films, it will always give a rating based on a user’s own assessment.

“If a user has an opinion about what they’d like to see on a film, they’re welcome to do so,” said spokesperson Rebecca Stott.

“In terms of content, the user can choose to view it in their own way.”

Stott says that for films in which a user selects “extreme” as the rating, the film is free to watch for all users.

“This is a great way to explore the films,” she said.

For example, the NFA notes that “a viewer could be looking for something that would be difficult to watch without a rating, but which they could enjoy.”

There is also an option for viewers to choose to pay to view the film.

The number of films rated X has doubled over the last decade, according to the industry.

In the last three years alone, the number has increased by more than 1,000 per cent.

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